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The Bryce Harper/ Jonathan Papelbon explosion in the dugout that was caught in full view of cameras this weekend is merely a indication that something has been wrong in that clubhouse since day one this season. This was a team locked and loaded during the off season with the free agent big splash signing of Max Scherzer. All they seemingly had to do was play the schedule.

In this photo taken May 19, 2015, Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper (34) reacts in the dugout during an interleague baseball game against the New York Yankees at Nationals Park in Washington. There's rarely a dull moment when it comes to Bryce Harper. Been that way pretty much ever since the Washington Nationals brought him to the majors at age 19. He'll hit six home runs in a span of three games. He'll get ejected twice in the span of seven days. He'll win NL Player of the Week honors _ and then do it again a week later. And all of that has happened just this month. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) ORG XMIT: WX201

Except they walked through the season and the Mets stole it away from them. As Bob Dylan said many years ago, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”………this Nationals team was a train wreck from day one.

Jonathan PaplebonJonathan-Papelbon-Bryce-Harper-scuffle-lg is an aging closer who has not been consistently effective for years. He has been suspended for four games by the Nationals. In all likelihood, he will be struggling to hook up with a team next Winter to save his downward spiraling career……but that should not be the point. The focus instead should be on how the Nationals front office is handling Bryce Harper.

Look, Bryce Harper is only 22 years old. Okay, I get that but there has to be some accountability He said in a post game press conference following the incident (paraphrasing his words)…”I (emphasize the I)  have six games more to play and there are things I (there it is again) want to accomplish this season.”  Really, Bryce? Your team was just eliminated from the playoffs….do you get that? But even worse, the Nationals front office doesn’t seem to get it either. Instead, this is all about a MVP AWARD for a player on a losing team. At some point, Harper needs to step up and lead his TEAM. But the bigger question is when will the Nationals read him the riot act emphasizing that TEAMS win Championships. This is not golf.

Conversely, 1392234550000-2014-02-12-jeter2Derek Jeter was the same age as Bryce Harper when he broke into the Majors in 1995. From day one he preached and played to win. He led by example. He charged to first on EVERY ground or fly ball. Okay, I get it…..not everyone is Derek Jeter. But having said that, Bryce Harper is a immensely talented ballplayer and that alone should carry with it a responsibility to LEAD his team by setting a example for all others to follow. 

Take your MVP AWARD if that’s what makes you happy, Bryce. But in my book, it’s a pretty shallow award……and you need to grow up.