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Nothing could be better for baseball and especially fans of baseball thanimages-1 to have the Mets matched images-2up with the Cubs for the National League Championship Series. Of course, the Dodgers will have a say tonight  in whether or not that happens, but wouldn’t it be fun if it did?

We’d have two of the most rabid fan based cities going head to head with frenzied crowds in the stands every night with the National TV lights shining on them. images-38We’d have youth on both sides hungry for their first taste of team presence and victory. We’d have games played at reasonable hoursj where fans could watch and still get up to go to work the next day. We’d have the home grown talent of the Mets pitching staff facing the home grown hitting talent of the Cubs. We’d have the ghosts of Ralph Liner in the TV booth and Harry Caray in the radio booth……..

In short, it would be a baseball moment made in heaven. Greinke vs DeGrom…….that’s not so bad either. We’ll see how it plays out in just a few hours……


With no disrespect to the New York Mets and what promises to be an electric Citi Field,  the centerj of the baseball universe today has to be Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. Opened in 1914, this venue (along with Fenway Park and the old Yankee Stadium) stands as a Mecca for baseball fans – including myself in 2009 – across America. Even today, after the “lights came on” few years ago, a Friday afternoon game at Wrigley is reason to leave work early and bask in the bleachers Sun on Addison Street.

For Cubs fans, today is also a day to bask in the setting sun of a 96 game winning season (the third best in baseball) and to welcome home a team that carries with them a hope and a prayer that this just might be the season when all doubts spanning numerous decades are cast aside – and a long awaited Championship comes to the Southside of Chicago.

Excitement and drama of this kind draws itself from a long history that dates back to 1876 when the Cubs became an original franchise of the National League. Interestingly, they were known in those days as the Chicago White Stockings (not to be confused with the White Sox), not taking the name of the Cubs until 1902. And yes, the last World Series won by the Cubs was in 1945 – a drought long enough to span the years of the team’s oldest fans.

But today, all that changes or it at least moves to the back of everyone’s mind as Jake Arietta takes the ball  to face the St. Louis Cardinals, a team much different from the Cubs. For while the Cubs field a team stacked with very young home grown talent, the Cardinals present a team of veterans who have a storied history behind them with the second most Championships (only the Yankees have more) to face the hottest pitcher in baseball today. 

It doesn’t get better than this. The steel beams erected more than a century ago will be rocking and shaking at Wrigley today. You couldn’t tell a better baseball story than the the one being played out in Chicago this afternoon.


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