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Back in the day when newspapers were read as voraciously as we check our email today, a-siegel-deadlineJimmy Cannon wrote a weekly column that appeared every Sunday and was read across America by his avid fans. His favorite sport to write about was baseball, but occasionally he delved into other areas if it suited him. He called his column “Nobody Asked Me But……….”. What follows is a attempt to create a piece (hopefully) similar to what he might write if he were with us today……..

Where does Adam Wainwright (now that he’s back) fit the in the Cardinals post season pitching plans…….

Rookie or not, big stage so what……..The Yankees should pitch Luis Severino over their announced starter Tanaka. He’s less known to hitters and exudes nothing but confidence on the mound.

Regardless of what happens in the down to the wire final Wild Card chase in the American League, the Minnesota Twins deserve a round of applause for their effort with a team most everyone wrote off in March.

The Mets without Matz if injury shuts him down – or at least out of the starting rotation is a big blow to the team – not to mention what happens with Cespedes after last night’s hand injury. But they’ve bounced back from adversity all year so who knows…..

It’s just not right that two of the best teams in baseball have to face each other in a do or die one game playoff. The Pirates and Cubs deserve better than that. It’s easy to fix……just shorten the season by four games and make it a best of three (at least).

You may or may not like the cup of tea Donald Trump is pouring, but you have to admit it certainly tastes different. Question is how many of  us prefer our regular tea……

Having the home field advantage in the Playoffs is overrated. Besides, the weather promises to be far more pleasant on the West Coast than it does in New York next week. Calm down Met fans.

Yogi Berra deserves some kind of a Humanitarian Award for his service to country and baseball. Your move, Mr. President.

The Washington Nationals and the Detroit Tigers are competing for a spot on the T.V. Show “Extreme Makeovers”.


When you think about it, there are a host of parallels between teams in the race for a World Series title this year and the announced candidatesimages-13images for the 2016 Presidential Race to win the White House.

There’s Hillary Clinton and the New York Yankees. Each has a veteran battle tested team of players along with the ability to make last minute moves by tapping into what seemingly is a endless supply of cash. Each can afford to just play decent ball while the other contenders knock each other out of the race.while they sit calmly on the side. Follow the prescribed message…..say little….do little…even though there are holes in the bottom of their “lineup”…… It may be the only chance they have……

Then there’s Donald Trump and the Houston Astros. Both come out of the box  strong. 150px-Houston-Astros-Logo.svgimages-1All the talk is about them being the surprise and upset team of the season. But the question is……do they have the staying power to not only compete – but to win it all………….the feeling here is that both will fall and fall hard very soon as the “establishment” competition (read Angels and any other Republican candidate) brings them back to reality.


There’s also  Jeb Bush and the San Francisco Giants.images Each comes from a pedigree of recent winning teams and instant name recognition. But except for fans in their own camp, maybe people are looking for a a real change and their chances of a repeat are slim to none.

And finally, images-2images-3we have the hapless Mike Huckabee and Chicago Cubs. It’s hard to find two perennial losers like these two but here we go again with promises of a “new beginning” and better things to come. So far, not so much…….for the Cubbies there will be next year but for Huckabee there’s only a chance of seeing him again as a (predictable) commentator on CNN or FOX.

So who are the winners and who will be the losers? Therein lies the mystery and intrigue of both baseball and politics. You never know when someone will catch lightning in a bottle and win the grand prize like the Royals last year or Obama in 2008. Let’s just see how it plays out……and remember……cream always rises to the top.