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Second guessing Terry Collins’ decision not to remove Matt Harvey images-17in 8th inning after 102 stress filled pitches does not do justice to a man who is a baseball “lifer” and who also has the credentials to be seriously considered for Manager of the Year in the National League.

Here’s the thing – in the press conference immediately following the loss to the Royals, he “manned up”images-23 taking ownership of his decision saying that he was thinking with his heart and not his head. Both he and pitching coach Dan Warthen had a plan coming into the game. It called for Harvey to go seven (if he could) and then for Familia to finish the game out.

A good, sound plan. Harvey did his part. And then came the “meeting” in the dugout in the eighth inning between Collins, Warthen, and Harvey. My brother Bob offered this question… this like Grady Little leaving Pedro Martinez in in the same eighth inning in the 2003 AL Championship Series? Good question. Continue reading


Before the World Series began, I asked what I believed were two pertinent questions. The first one revolved around the contest of the Met starters who consistently average between 95-97 mph and have a litany of strikeouts as their major weapon – and how that would fare against the Royals offense which doesn’t strike out, images-1seldom walks, and seems to have a propensity to string together five or six consecutive hits creating the big inning that often decides what was (until then) a close game.

You may already get the drift of where I’m going with this, but I also pointed to the distinct possibilityimages-38 that most (or even all) of the Mets rotation has ( or would soon) run into a wall based on innings pitched and plateaus never realized until now. Never was this more apparent than the wall Jacob DeGrom (above) smashed into last night. Cruising images-19along with electric and dominant stuff, all of a sudden he left a few pitches up in the zone and voila – the Royals being the Royals capitalize on these mistakes and turn the game around – for good ( Congrats Johnny Cueto – above right). Continue reading


I’m telling you, you can’t make this stuff up. Today, just one day after holding court in the Mets dugout with his woe is me act and indicating that he sided more with his agent than his team, Matt The Brat published one of those “I take it back” statements on Derek Jeter’s website (how ironic is that) telling all of Metland and baseball that all is well and “I’ll be pitching in October – no matter what”.

Except it does matter. In fact it matters a lot. They say that timing is everything. For the Mets, this Harvey/Boras fiasco couldn’t have come at a worse time. images-48Beginning today, the Mets begin a critical four game series against the Nationals – in Washington. Their lead has been cut to 4 games including the all important loss column by the (finally) resurgent Nats. Met fans are blinking and wondering… this the beginning of yet another late season collapse……..and if the team blinks…… could easily happen.

For Terry Collins, who is fighting for his baseball life, everything hangs in the balance over the next few weeks. Like the Mets Brass, he has to be images-32images-23scratching his head and saying to himself……..”Do I/we really need this now, Matt?” (photo above). But in fact and being the man that he is, what he actually told Harvey is “Just go out there Tuesday night and pitch like you are capable of doing”. Significantly, it was also no coincidence that David Wright made a point of sitting with Harvey in the dugout during last night’s painful loss to the lowly Marlins.

In 2019, Matt Harvey will become a free agent entering the market with the potential to sign a Scherzer like contract at nearly 30 years of age. Hopefully, by that time owners and general managers will have come to their senses about long term contracts (Note: Scherzer is a mere .500 pitcher this year). Nevertheless, he will be in for a significant pay day. 

It can be said that the only thing holding Matt Harvey back from that is Matt Harvey. With fame that he seems to thrive on and fortune comes responsibility.

This is especially true in New York where the spotlight shines brightly. Sometime soon, he will need to grasp that concept and grow up and into it. He boldly associates himself with Derek Jeter every chance he gets….fine……no problem……but how about BEING like Derek…..and not the immature person you were when you thought it was funny to pose (below) giving the finger from your hospital bed. New York City doesn’t give itself away easily and that’s a lesson Mr. Harvey needs to learn quickly. His image already has been tarnished, but it is repairable IF he performs on the mound. Because with that (think Alex Rodriguez), New York can also be a very forgiving town.

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

Note: In case you missed Episode One, here’s a link………


Already at the young age of 26, Matt (“The Brat”) Harvey is at a critical turning point in his career not only with the Mets, but in New York City as well. What has unfolded over the last week and continues to confuse and alarm Metland moving forward towards the Playoffs leaves everyone gasping for breath and thinking…..”You can’t make this stuff up”.

Here’s a quick recap. Throughout all of the previous year while he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, Harvey hounded and cajoled the Mets to pitch in Septemberimages-28,images-17 well before the normal recovery time. They wisely refused telling him in so many words….”Shut up and do your work”. This year in the beginning of Spring Training, the Mets brass (GM Sandy Alderson and field manager Terry Collins) got together and came up with a soft number of 180-185 innings for Harvey to pitch before they would turn their stallion stud loose next year.

Then as the Mets playoff possibilities emerged, they decided to skip one or two of his starts to save the innings for October. Harvey balks loudly in the media saying repeatedly “I am ready to pitch not only now but in October and beyond”. Later (much later) he recants agreeing to go along with a six man rotation the Mets can easily afford. So far so good, right? The man’s a bulldog and just what is needed in a Ace.

Not so fast. This week, his agent Scott Boras (the Donald Trump of player agents) comes out swinging and says that Harvey (based on his surgeon’s images-44recommendations) images-35will only pitch 180 innings this year. With 162 already in the books, this leaves open the chance that Harvey will start only three more games ending his season before October even begins. For his part, Harvey announced in a crowded dugout press conference that he is inclined to agree and shut himself down to protect the future of his career (read $$$).

Now mind you, this is the same Matt (The Brat) Harvey who seized every opportunity in the two years prior to this latest episode to thrust himself into the New York media spotlight (the photos above speak for themselves) saying at one point – paraphrasing – “My goal in life is to have more girls than Jeter”.  Say what?

For a time, this was all entertaining and it reinforced his persona as the big man in town, something the Mets sorely needed as they fight for space on the back page with the Yankees. But  first of all, Harvey can’t (and will never) even hold Derek Jeter’s jockstrap on or off the field in New York. Secondly, his career won-lost record in the Majors is a rather pedestrian 24-17. And he’s won the same number of games this year as 42 year old Bartolo Colon………

What the Mets should do (and they shouldn’t wait) is say “Okay big boy (emphasis on boy) , we agree with you……….180 is your limit this year and after that WE shut YOU down!” After all, it’s not like they are hurting for starting pitching. Plus, this would actually solve the problem of whom to move to the bullpen for the playoffs. DeGrom, Syndegaard, Colon/Niese, and Matz sounds more than good enough for me……… October and beyond. Continue reading