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What do Zach Greinke (below), Dontrelle Willis, Joey Votto (left), and download (2)Milton Bradley have in common with each other, other than the fact that they are successful Major League ballplayers? According to a article that first appearedimages (3) in 2011 and Published by Bleacher Report, each has spent significant time on the DL for mental health issues. Much like leprosy in a earlier time, today mental health issues are swept under the rug, and that probably accounts for you (and me too) not knowing this fact about any of these players.

They are not alone in today’s America. According to the National Institute Of Health, more than one-fourth of our adult population suffersdownload from some aspect of mental illness. Thousands, of course, remain undiagnosed and therefore go untreated which often manifests itself in outrageous acts of violence that shatter our faith and culture. In recent years, Major League Baseball has taken a proactive stance on a player’s mental health. In fact, most teams employ a Mental Health Coach (same title as a pitching Coach). More light is shed on this development in an article that appeared in The New York Times. Continue reading


When you look up a profile of Joe Torre, you quickly realize that he has been successful in every facet JOE TORREof his career, and never has that been true more than in his current position as MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer. As a player, he finished a distinguished career withi (1) a .297 batting average, appeared in nine All Star Games, and won a NL Batting Title in 1971. Then, as a manager he won four Championships more than 2,300 games. Culminating his career as a manager, he was rewarded with a plaque in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. (left) Oh, and by the way, he’s also a member of the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

And from the looks of things, he’s just getting warmed up. Since 2011 (his first year as a baseball executive), joe-torre-jpghe has presided over the introduction and refinement of instant replay, the creation of the “Buster Posey Rule” for collisions at home plate, the adoption of the 20 second rule designed to speed up games, and is now poised to lead the way with the adoption of a “Chase Utley Rule” requiring a runner to be sliding directly at second base when attempting to break up a double play. 
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Five weeks ago, I took a stab at who might win the Cy Young (left) images (8)and MVP (below) awards in each league. Yesterday, the top three finalists were announced in each category (somebody had a good idea). The field looks remarkably images (7)similar to the players I predicted would be in contention, except for the inclusion of Sonny Gray who emerged as a candidate for the AL Cy Young. 

While my reasoning behind the selections I made remains constant, my selections now are a bit different, mainly because the Post Season is now over. In the same way I put stock in a player’s TEAM making the playoffs, I now think that player’s performance in the Post Season counts equally as much. So, let’s get to the picks….. Continue reading


The other night, Vin Scully was presented with the 635764767173697623-SW10-VIN-0624-25147461Bush Award See the MLB video here). True to form, he was able to recount numerous stories about the former President ( George H.W.) off the top of his head while maintaining the “folksy”  laid back image baseball fans have come to love.

If you don’t already know, 2016 will be his final year of broadcasting baseball. It’s been a career that spans 67 years! InsideSocalThink about it. When he began his journey, World War Two was still a fresh wound and Neil Armstrong was only 17 years old. Paul McCartney was an infant and Richard Nixon was still 21 years away from the White House. Continue reading