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It’s always fun at this time of the year to predict what the baseball writers will do when they select their choices for the Cy Young and MVP awards at the conclusion of the World Series. This year, there is competition in at least three of the four award categories and as in the past, arguments will prevail throughout the Hot Stove season regardless of who is chosen. Today, we’ll take a look at the Cy Young and you can join the fun taking exception to my picks (comments).

We have a three way battle between Clayton Kershaw, Jake Arietta (left), and Zach Greinke  in the National League. Both Kershaw and Arietta had scorching second halves and in the case of Arietta, an argument could be made that the Cubs would be packing their bags and heading home tonight if not for his presence. Zach Greinke on the other hand has been a consistent presence for the Dodgers over the course of the entire season. He lost just three games and finished with the lowest ERA in the Majors in twenty years (Greg Maddox). It’s often said that the games played in April count the same as the ones played during crunch time in September. For that reason alone, Greinke gets my vote hands down.

In the American League, the choices would seem to be between Dallas Keutchel of the Houston Astros and David Price (left) who was rescued from the declining Tigers mid season by the Blue Jays. David Price has been and will continue to be a winner no matter where he pitches. He’s a workhorse who piles up innings like the pitchers of yesteryear did and is not prone to injuries that put him out of service for any length of time. Keutchel, (right) 
on the other hand, has had a phenomenal year and the same could be said for him as with Jake Arietta – where would the Astros be without him? But to me, the award should be given to an established hurler and Keutchel reminds me too much of Corey Kluber who won the award last season (I know, you say Corey who?) and disappeared off the radar this year. David Price is a pitcher’s pitcher who dominates and is always two pitches ahead of the hitters he faces game in and game out – he gets my vote in a very tight battle for the Cy Young in the American League.


Similar to yesterday, today’s post calls for another change that’s warranted and needed in Major League Baseball. Simply put, there should beimages-17 an award given to the Player Of The Year in each league that is separated from the vote for Most Valuable Player award…..and here’s why.

Mike Trout (left) and Miguel Cabrera (right) both are having stellar years again. In Trout’s caseimages-20 hardly a day goes by when he isn’t being seriously being talked about as a MVP candidate… well he should be given the current rules and the traditional way MVP’s have been selected over the years.

But, how “valuable” can a player really be when his team doesn’t even manage to make the playoffs (as the case will be for the Angels and Tigers this year). In the case of the Tigers, they have been a truly awful and disappointing team whether he was in the lineup or not (out with injuries).

And that is why the MVP award belongs to either Jose Altuveimages-13 (left) of the Houston Astros or Josh Donaldson(right) of images-30 the Toronto Blue Jays. Altuve’s current batting average of .306, 36 steals, along with a .796 OPS  hardly compare to the gaudy numbers of a Mike Trout. Josh Donaldson’s most certainly do – but he is a late arrival on the team putting him more in the category of Player Of The Year… my vote goes to Altuve who is indisputably invaluable to the Astros as they continue to lead their Division.

It’s the same thing in the National League. Who is having a better year than Paul Goldschmidt (left)? He’s (currently) hitting .326 with 26 homers images-27images-24
96 RBI, 20 stolen bases, and a whopping 1.005 OPS.  Meanwhile, there’s another player who plays on a team that is destined for the playoffs and has numbers like .305, 20, and 85 RBI. Not as sexy but again, where would the Pirates be without Andrew McCutchen…….. their team leader in so many ways. (my vote hands down)

It’s really a simple change that would augment fan interest during the Hot Stove Season while giving players an added incentive to keep playing at a high level……in spite of their team’s  losing season   (these awards talk very loud at contract time). And needles to say in case you are wondering…..yes one player could win both awards.