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What do Zach Greinke (below), Dontrelle Willis, Joey Votto (left), and download (2)Milton Bradley have in common with each other, other than the fact that they are successful Major League ballplayers? According to a article that first appearedimages (3) in 2011 and Published by Bleacher Report, each has spent significant time on the DL for mental health issues. Much like leprosy in a earlier time, today mental health issues are swept under the rug, and that probably accounts for you (and me too) not knowing this fact about any of these players.

They are not alone in today’s America. According to the National Institute Of Health, more than one-fourth of our adult population suffersdownload from some aspect of mental illness. Thousands, of course, remain undiagnosed and therefore go untreated which often manifests itself in outrageous acts of violence that shatter our faith and culture. In recent years, Major League Baseball has taken a proactive stance on a player’s mental health. In fact, most teams employ a Mental Health Coach (same title as a pitching Coach). More light is shed on this development in an article that appeared in The New York Times. Continue reading


Once again, a-siegel-deadline
in tribute to the late newspaper journalist and reporter Jimmy Cannon, this piece attempts to capture the flavor of what he might be writing about today………

…..The Chosen One in this year’s free agency field images (9)appears to be Ben Zobrist, (right) who is flexible regarding defensive positions and has just enough offensive power to make him a valued addition for several teams. Reasonably priced, watch the scramble for his services carry well into the winter.

…..When are the owners of the Tampa Bay Rays just gonna images (10)wave a white flag and move the team to a real (potentially) big league city? San Antonio, Texas comes to mind……cynically the answer might be pretty simple….despite the underwhelming support of their fan base, the owners are still making $$$$.

…..Even more than his outstanding abilities with a ball imagesor bat in his hand, Zach Greinke is a student of the game. So much so that he was a welcome resource in the Dodgers war room on Draft Day last year. If he wants, his next career will be as a General Manager of a (lucky) major league team. Continue reading


Five weeks ago, I took a stab at who might win the Cy Young (left) images (8)and MVP (below) awards in each league. Yesterday, the top three finalists were announced in each category (somebody had a good idea). The field looks remarkably images (7)similar to the players I predicted would be in contention, except for the inclusion of Sonny Gray who emerged as a candidate for the AL Cy Young. 

While my reasoning behind the selections I made remains constant, my selections now are a bit different, mainly because the Post Season is now over. In the same way I put stock in a player’s TEAM making the playoffs, I now think that player’s performance in the Post Season counts equally as much. So, let’s get to the picks….. Continue reading


A record twenty potential free agents received qualifying offers from their respective teams this year. Each of them now have a week or so to accept the offer or enter the market as a free agent. The value of their offer is set by Major League Baseball at $15.8 million – not exactly chump change. In all a total of 34 players have received a similar offer since the rule was established and 34 players have rejected the offer.

For a handful of players on this year’s list, the offer is actually insulting. A  Zach Greinke (left), for instance, 635824158337272552-USATSI-8863004is due to be the Max Scherzer of this year’s market and he would be foolish to accept that kind of money. But for others, they should be thinking really hard about accepting the offer because aside from their own egos and all the b.s. their agents feed them, they should take the money and thank the Lord for his generosity. Continue reading


Nothing could be better for baseball and especially fans of baseball thanimages-1 to have the Mets matched images-2up with the Cubs for the National League Championship Series. Of course, the Dodgers will have a say tonight  in whether or not that happens, but wouldn’t it be fun if it did?

We’d have two of the most rabid fan based cities going head to head with frenzied crowds in the stands every night with the National TV lights shining on them. images-38We’d have youth on both sides hungry for their first taste of team presence and victory. We’d have games played at reasonable hoursj where fans could watch and still get up to go to work the next day. We’d have the home grown talent of the Mets pitching staff facing the home grown hitting talent of the Cubs. We’d have the ghosts of Ralph Liner in the TV booth and Harry Caray in the radio booth……..

In short, it would be a baseball moment made in heaven. Greinke vs DeGrom…….that’s not so bad either. We’ll see how it plays out in just a few hours……


It’s always fun at this time of the year to predict what the baseball writers will do when they select their choices for the Cy Young and MVP awards at the conclusion of the World Series. This year, there is competition in at least three of the four award categories and as in the past, arguments will prevail throughout the Hot Stove season regardless of who is chosen. Today, we’ll take a look at the Cy Young and you can join the fun taking exception to my picks (comments).

We have a three way battle between Clayton Kershaw, Jake Arietta (left), and Zach Greinke  in the National League. Both Kershaw and Arietta had scorching second halves and in the case of Arietta, an argument could be made that the Cubs would be packing their bags and heading home tonight if not for his presence. Zach Greinke on the other hand has been a consistent presence for the Dodgers over the course of the entire season. He lost just three games and finished with the lowest ERA in the Majors in twenty years (Greg Maddox). It’s often said that the games played in April count the same as the ones played during crunch time in September. For that reason alone, Greinke gets my vote hands down.

In the American League, the choices would seem to be between Dallas Keutchel of the Houston Astros and David Price (left) who was rescued from the declining Tigers mid season by the Blue Jays. David Price has been and will continue to be a winner no matter where he pitches. He’s a workhorse who piles up innings like the pitchers of yesteryear did and is not prone to injuries that put him out of service for any length of time. Keutchel, (right) 
on the other hand, has had a phenomenal year and the same could be said for him as with Jake Arietta – where would the Astros be without him? But to me, the award should be given to an established hurler and Keutchel reminds me too much of Corey Kluber who won the award last season (I know, you say Corey who?) and disappeared off the radar this year. David Price is a pitcher’s pitcher who dominates and is always two pitches ahead of the hitters he faces game in and game out – he gets my vote in a very tight battle for the Cy Young in the American League.